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 Voting Information

The 2012 General election took place on November 6, 2012.  Most polls were open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m (though some in rural areas do not open until 10:00am).  You need to bring proof of residence with you if you are not already registered, and you need to go to the correct polling place - you can only vote at your local polling place.  Details on registration are available from the Secretary of State's Office, but registration itself is actually handled through your local elections offcial, usually the county auditor.  Contact information for your specific jurisdiction is also available from the Secretary of State.

You can find your polling place, and see your ballot (click on "Click here for a list of candidates"), by going to the Secretary of State's Pollfinder system,

Preparing to Vote

It is legal to print out the sample ballot available in your local newspaper or on the Pollfinder Website (Click on "Click Here for a List of Candidates")  Then go through it, research the candidates in the races you plan to vote on and choose who you'll vote for.  Remember, in the general election, you can vote for as many parties as you want - you don't have to vote a "straight ticket".  You can mark your choices on the sample ballot, and legally bring this marked ballot (or other notes) with you into the polling place - you don't have to try to memorize anything!  What you are not allowed to do is display campaign materials, like flyers, brochures, or even buttons and t-shirts, in or near a polling place - so take off your IP gear before heading to the polls!

Eligibility and Registration

If you've been a Minnesota resident for 20 days, you are eligible to vote in a Minnesota election if you meet the other criteria, such as age and citizenship requirements. You can register to vote at the polls by providing proper proof of residence, including a MN driver's license or state ID card with your current address, a photo ID with a bill that has your current address, or a neighbor who is also registered to vote in that precinct who can vouch for you. For details about which IDs and which bills are allowed, as well as other options, please go to the Secretary of State's website.

"Early Voting"

Voting in advance of election day is getting a lot of press this year, but in Minnesota it's legally only an option if you can't make it to the polls on election day, for example, if you will be away from home.  It can't be because you can't get out of work, because you can: Minnesota law requires all employers allow their employees time off to go and vote.


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